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Press Feature: Top 15 Coaches in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2023

Filed in Press Features — December 7, 2023

Recognised for being a Business Coach and Strategist based in the North East, May has been featured in Influence Digest’s Top 15 Coaches in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2023 article.

Influence Digest is an online publication which highlights talent from around the world, focusing on an array of topics such as productivity and marketing, lifestyle, wellness and fitness.

As part of their Global Rankings, they are producing content which showcases the best coaches and LinkedIn experts from around the world. 

Explore rankings for your local area here.

Although May works remotely with the majority of her global clients, she always feels pride for her North Eastern roots. Whether it is being recognised for her prowess in her region or hosting an in person event with clients in Newcastle, she is proud of her home city. 

What makes May’s recognition even more striking, is her unusually short yet strikingly trail-blazing career. Unlike the article states, May has not yet been in the business for 20 years (you can imagine her double surprise when reading it, as she was not aware that she was being featured, until the article surprisingly arrived in her inbox)!

Her renowned results as a young person have led to her being recognised for multiple awards, such as the North East Business Awards’ Rising Star 2023 and WIN Awards’ Young Entrepreneur 2022. 

Read the full article and discover the other 14 coaches here

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