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89. Q&A – Pivoting, Shifting Revenue & Expanding Your Business

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — December 6, 2023

Curious about how successful businesses navigate the intricate process of pivoting and reshaping their revenue streams? Today I’m answering 7 questions surrounding this transformative journey. From determining the optimal timing for a new revenue stream to unraveling the mysteries of effective communication during a pivot, I guide you through the complexities of financial feasibility and customer loyalty.

Tune in to hear my answers to the below questions:

1. What are the key indicators that it’s the right time to explore a new revenue stream?

2. Should I add a new side to the business?

3. What strategies can I employ to effectively communicate a pivot to my existing customers?

4. How do I evaluate the financial feasibility of launching a new product or service?

5. What KPIs or key performance indicators should I monitor during a business pivot?

6. How do I maintain customer loyalty during a period of change?

7. How do you build demand for a new pivot?

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