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As a business, our aim is to get you making the money you want, quicker, in a sustainable, stress free way. I (May), work with you 1:1 to your specific needs. This unique way of working gives you, our client a deeper client experience and allows you to see results faster. 

I make your entrepreneurial journey a lot smoother, saving
you a lot of time and money. 

I see you, doing a little background check...

Here’s what we know to be true:

We know you are super busy with balancing a hectic personal life and your growing business (maybe even 2 or 3), all while trying to be all the things to all the people.

We know your vision is beyond what you currently have and sometimes that can be frustrating. Your brand probably isn’t as visually sound as you have it in your head but your daily output of work is industry leading. 

We both are building businesses to support not only ourselves and our families but the wider community. Impact and long term effect matters deeply and we take helping others very seriously. 

You don’t take no as an answer and are unapologetic about your drive for success.

Making money is something you know gives you agency for change and will use the wealth you create to make meaningful change. 

You left an abundant career for a new way of living which means you work harder than ever but you have more fulfilment, happiness and freedom than ever before.

You acknowledge that your ‘outgoing’ and ‘relentless’ approach to life drives you forward and are a role model to other people.

You’ve confidently come to the beautiful conclusion that if something does fit within your boundaries or personal values, it ain’t going to work.

Destined to disrupt the status quo and innovate your industry 

You are a forward thinking entrepreneur

We are ruthless when it comes to finding solutions to complex scaling problems internal and external - long time impact and vision at the forefront of all high level thinking.

We create experiences that normalise your big business ideas and find ways of making them come to life with honesty and feel good commercial ethics.

We will be uncomfortably honest with you, always with your best intentions in mind because we know that industry shaking leadership comes from raw, personal development from you - no shortcuts available.

We understand what it is like to exist in a world that isn’t designed or catered to helping you succeed. We are experts in scaling businesses whilst juggling life changing events; chronic illness, being neurodivergent, loss all but to name a few.

May James is a strategy consulting company designed to catapult CEO’s forward and shift growth timelines

Because if you are going to make the big ideas in your head fully come to life, you are going to need to immerse yourself into the journey of sustainable business growth.

It’s not always easy, desirable or convenient but it will always work long term.

I’m obsessed with improving the structure of business models to give more power and time back to the women who run them.

I am a huge advocate for getting more of the world's poorly distributed wealth into the hands of women around the world.

I’m a business consultant and advisor who has a huge heart and strangely thrives in challenging situations. I'll always find a solution to the thing that's causing a bottleneck in a business. My honest approach to business is what gives our work together so much power, its about being crystal clear in your next steps. 

I work with the ambitious, never sitting still women who are determined to make their mark on the world and not stop until they have their dream lifestyle. I believe in having big dreams and making them an everyday reality. 

When I’m not working, I’m drinking champagne and chilling in my pjs at home, candle burning, laughing with my family. 

I’m May.

CEO of May James 

I’ve strategically paced the growth of May James to fit with what my chronically ill body can cope with and what my aims for my personal life were at each year since conception. I’ve always preferred working with a small group of highly motivated individuals deeply, vs thousands on mass, it’s just what felt right to me and my expertise. 

The results that together, we have gone on to create, speak for themselves and support my beliefs around calculated growth. With that being said, in 2022 alone we've worked with clients from over 11 countries across 5 continents. 

We aren’t a business that likes to talk about how much we love our customers, we make it happen and are there whenever needed. Less talking, more doing… my mantra in pretty much all areas of life. 

Our above industry average client retention rate further supports the long term value and that I am committed to providing to clients.

As a business we aren’t motivated by becoming the next ‘it’ business. The vision is deeper than it. It’s about timeless connections and deep rooted foundations that can last a lifetime; a reliable consulting company that you can turn to whenever you need us. 

My answer is simple…
I love it & the impact is sustained. 

I often get asked why do you still work 1:1 with clients in such a hands on capacity?

We help women feel more like business leaders and solidify their confidence in their ability to make their dream life an everyday reality.

Let's work together.

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