- JessICa Bruno, MArketing consultant

"May transformed my business... TWICE! She changes lives with her work."

When you work with May there is a shift, it's hard to describe but business becomes easier, sales flow and you feel so supported every day. I've only ever worked exclusively with May on my business strategy and come back whenever I am ready to grow my business to the next level. She is part of your team and she's in your business.

In 2022, I got to a point in my business where I couldn't see what growth was anymore, within 2 months my business had completely changed and turned upside down in the best way. Every time I've worked with May I have doubled or tripled my investment within 3 months. 


"May is amazing but you need to be ready for straight talking, no sugar coated advice and to do the work that she is suggesting. "

If you are ready for that, don't even think twice. Do it!

Since working with May in January 2022, we went from 100k in revenue in 2021 to 550k+ in annual revenue by the end of 2022. Scaling my business has offered me a life that I want and is helping me to achieve not only my business goals but my personal goals too. My confidence has grown and my leadership skills have really developed.'

- Cecilia Flor

"May is very kind and encouraging, good at reminding us that we are actually amazing at what we do. It feels safe to ask for help and be vulnerable and that is very rare. Aside from all that, May knows what she is doing and is very good at what she does."

- Jo Wood, Bookkeeping expert, Business Coach & Author 

"May’s resilience and wisdom are unmatched. I feel so grateful to have found May and lucky to have experienced her services. I’m not done yet… she’s addictive!"


"In my 2 hour intensive with May she found solutions to my problems that I've been trying to figure out for 5 years. I left the intensive feeling like a brand new entrepreneur, like the fog had been lifted. I really wish I had done this sooner!"

- Caroline Dutot, Lawyer & NED 

"If you are having any doubts or questions or worries about your business, then enrol in one of May's packages. I guarantee that as a minimum you will learn a lot and it might just open up lines of thought you wouldn't have even considered . In one day we came up with a plan or various plans that give me a sense of focus for probably the next 2 years. 
I am now thinking differently about my income streams, looking at broadening them out. The quality of coaching and consulting received is undoubtedly high level. Just want to say a great big thank you. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I am sure it won't be the last time. Thanks for helping me find my business mojo again."


"May has supported me since 2020 and has REALLY, REALLY, REALLY helped me to turn Ink Blot Creative around get us to be a 6 figure revenue business, helped me launch GREENHOUSE and build a brand there and I really don’t think I could of done it without her.

I am a cynic and really thought I would come out with planning advice and pricing but have left with a whole new way of thinking about my business.''


"May has made the world of business and its related strategies approachable and doable for me as a new mum. May’s shrewdness, practical knowledge, and forward thinking in the advice she has given me has helped me create an offer and prepare me to sell my 1-to-1 teaching programme.

Above all, she embodies the human essence that we need more of in business leadership: empathy and honesty. I thank May for introducing her Year of Clarity programme so I could be part of it."


I came to May in December 2022 after a friend recommended The Honest Business Podcast - I was instantly struck by May’s northern, straight down the line, yet expansive and encouraging nature (a blend you very rarely come across in this online world). I was a last minute signing to May’s Accelerator because I sat on the decision for a while and at no point did I feel pressured or pushed into making that decision. In the past I’ve felt like I was nothing but a target to coaches, but May always made me feel seen, heard and respected.

Over the last 6 months of working together, I’ve re-evaluated my business entirely - I came to May initially with the view to scaling upwards, but over that six months she helped me realise that in fact, I could scale outwards with lower ticket items and passive income, helping as many people as I can. Which I have done! It’s the 12th of the month as I write this and I am not only booked up until 2024, but I’ve also made all the money I need to make for the month to hit my monthly revenue goal. Now I get to enjoy the rewards of the work I’ve put into this business.

May helped me see just how great life gets to be when you create a business on your terms. I truly believe I was drawn to the Accelerator program because of the women in there. I will be friends for life with the whole group, and it was amazing to see how each of us grew and supported one another - whether that be on calls where emotions got the best of us sharing the highs and lows, as well as the Slack group where we would share our wins openly and never feel an ounce of judgement.

 I can’t wait to work with May again in some capacity, and as I write my second book, I’m excited to send May a copy knowing that she supported and encouraged me through so much of the writing process. Thank you May for everything.

- Victoria jaCKSON, The Manifestation Collective

"We never want to stop working with May! It has been one of the best decisions we have made as business partners."

When we came to May we were worried about income and lack of systems. Trying to bounce back from covid and at the same time grow the business. 

Working with May has been frankly very effective. We see results in every way and the results have been quick which I don’t think we were expecting. We feel supported not just with the business, but in a personal way. May is very kind and encouraging, good at reminding us that we are actually amazing at what we do. It feels safe to ask for help and be vulnerable and that is very rare. There is love and attention and warmth in what she offers and that is what has made the biggest difference for us. 

Aside from all that, May knows what she is doing and is very good at what she does. This has been a perfect combination for us. We trust and listen to what May says and at the same time feel that May does the same with us.

Te amamos, May. Thank you for your heart and your hard work. You have really changed our life


- Marie Ralph, Director & Author 

Prior to working with May I had just stepped into being a director of an already successful company, I now have confidently taken ownership for the role.

In terms of business results, we’ve increased turnover from our current client base without having to go and get more clients and we are much more confident in pricing for proposals. The company is feeling stronger despite losing our biggest client and a full time member of staff. The guidance and support May has offered us has been invaluable. 

Our needs in coaching transformed during our time with May and she continued to go above and beyond for us to accommodate our business coaching needs. I have loved having May on our side and have learnt so much from her. We will work together again. 

"May’s help setting up my new business was invaluable, we never would have done it without her."

-Rhi Pearce, COO & Operations Consultant

I have worked with May in many different ways, most recently during a CEO Strategy Day. Before my CEO Strategy Day I was in the midst of planning to shift my business model to an agency model and wanted May's direction and expertise to help me ensure that this expansion was sustainable and keeping my clients front of mind alongside my vision for the company.

Since my CEO Strategy Day I now have clarity about the team members to bring on to support my vision, how to price my offers to ensure this was possible, profit management and pricing strategy + projection (so much more).

I’m still decompressing, but there is lots of amazing goodness to come. Stuff that we’ve had in the works for months and is finally having its time in the spotlight. I am having my time in the spotlight. The whole experience couldn’t have been more real (or monumental in my continued success)

"May is very strategic, she listens, takes in and remembers my nuances and decision tug-o-war, she guides you and allows you to come to the ultimate correct decision yourself."

trusted by:

- Meghan Lamle, Business Coach & Sales Expert

There are few people like May James.

She is compassionate toward her clients while seeking innovating solutions to their problems. She’s firm and gentle in her approach. While giving brilliant strategies that are customized, and unique to their solutions.

May James will change how business is approached and inspire future generations.

"May truly embodies what it means to be a modern business leader."


Mays approach to business is innovative, intentional, and what I love most about her is that the work she does isn’t rooted in the need for applause, recognition, or financial validation. 

The way she cares about her clients and the types of lives they desire to live while running their businesses is incomparable. She is the mentor of your wildest dreams.

"May simply cares about people running businesses sustainably and profitably so that their company lasts the long haul."

Don't just take it from May's clients.
Here's what industry peers have to say...

- Steph, Marketing Manager

Working alongside May is such a joy, she is incredibly passionate about everything she does and has been such an inspirational leader! What I particularly love about May is how real she is, she really gets it and is always on your level! In the short time we’ve worked together I have learnt so much already that I will take into my future career.

- Katie, PR Manager

Working for May has been such a great experience her strategic business head blows my mind. Her ability to access any situation and provide an outstanding solution is inspiring. I can see where many of her clients reach incredible results that will last.

- Lily, Head of Operations

I have been working with May since 2021 and it has been a joy. My role is very flexible in where the business needs support in that period of time, and the variety of projects and tasks I get to work on makes the role even more enjoyable.

May is not only a great business woman, which I can see from the results her clients get and the way they talk about her , but she is also an amazing leader to the team. The working relationship I have with May feels very two way, that my opinion is not only heard but matters and I can really feel that I have an impact in the business. With new additions to the team recently it feels like the vision of the business is becoming more tangible as well as having even greater support around me.

Hear what May's Team has to say...

- Nancy, Sales Assistant

I've worked with May for over 4 years and she is great to work with. We have a lot of fun and she always have a clear direction for us to go after. May trained me for two weeks intensely on how to sell in a ethical way... it was such a great learning experience. I feel confident in having high ticket sales conversations now, before I didn't even know what sales really was. This is a skill that I will be able to use throughout my career.

- Fiona, Personal Assistant

May is a remarkable young woman, a ballsy, no bs sales and strategy expert. It is great working with such a driven young entrepreneur who delivers great results for her clients through clear, no-nonse strategic and / or sales improvements that carry straight to the client's bottom line. Her determination to succeed is second to none.

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