Here’s what I know to be true… 

→You're working on the next evolution of your business whilst living fully - the balance is important to you whilst rapidly scaling

→You are on a mission to help people, you operate with integrity

→You are extremely competent at what you do, people love your work 

Sustainable business growth matters to you. You aren't interested in what you achieve in short term gains, you know that building a solid, sustainable business that runs smoothly is what you are committed to building and scaling.

You likely want to make more money, you are unapologetic about that and believe in more women around the word being financially empowered.

You understand the power money holds in the world and all the good that you can do with it. You aren't in the business of scaling revenue at the expense of others but more so to expand your impact. 

You are already successful in what you do. You have spent money on professional development, you've benefitted from expanding your knowledge. Now it is time to integrate, refine and further implement. You're living the life you planned when you started your business, the freedom is beautiful.

Now you join May's Accelerator to support your ongoing refinement, evolution and leadership development rather than 'NEEDING' it. 

Your rapidly scaling business has required you to rapidly develop yourself.

Spend 6 months with me, working together to refine and structure your business for sustainable business growth with the long term, front of mind. 

May's Accelerator

Say hello to… 

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You will expand your ability to trust yourself and your business to support your big vision, with the knowledge and know how > true embodiment that is grounding and totally personal to you.

ability to trust yourself


We'll take your self belief in making your big goals happen consistently for years ahead to a new level. Longevity and safety being my number one priority in your scaling journey. 

Clarity in your direction


We focus on one big goal to not only achieve but for you to fully embody the result of. This might be revenue growth, it may be leadership focused or something totally abstract. Ready to add another revenue stream or business in the mix, maybe passive? Let's do it.

Momentum & growth


The KPI’s I have for us during our time working together: 

Why these 3? 

Because if I can get you fully embodying the above, then sustainable business growth becomes somewhat of a given. It allows for the high level strategy we co-create together to not only work, but most importantly, give you a new found sense of confidence and a deeper understanding of yourself as a leader. 

The result… 

Spaciousness and overflow. Less stress in your day to day work. Satisfaction in how you are living day to day with a huge sense of pride at what you've made happen regardless of the challenges that may have come your way.

Beyond that think: more space in your calendar to do what lights you up, more money in your bank account to live a varied, fulfilling life that matches your true lifestyle desires and a warm feeling of being available for the people who matter most to you. 

You built your business to give yourself everything you ever wanted and now it’s time to live that out in real time EVERYDAY, with zero compromise on your health, wellbeing or happiness.

Multi-Award winning scaling expert and consultant to SME’s around the world, keynote Speaker and the host of the Honest Business Podcast. 

Everyday I help ambitious business owners scale their brands in a sustainable, value driven way. I work with entrepreneurs in a variety of ways from coaching and consulting to writing personalised growth strategy; when it comes to understanding the roadblocks, growing small businesses are facing - I see it all. 

I blend advanced strategy with a no bullshit approach to business and human centred leadership development to create stand out results that leave clients with goal boards ticked off and desires fulfilled.  

If you are serious about creating your dream business on your terms, whatever size that may be and are able to lead yourself + execute on the plans we make... apply for May's Accelerator - I want to work with you. WARNING: only work with me if you are prepared to go all in and take lots of action. 

Hi, I’m May… 

Meet your new business coach & strategic advisor  

You are a leader in your space. Your business is bloody amazing. You love the life you've created for yourself. You know how to grow your business.
You aren't looking for more information, you don't need a one size fits all program. You want depth. Plus bespoke strategy tailored to your business.

You want to be stretched in your journey of sustainable business growth and strengthen your leadership capabilities. This is what I do with business owners around the world. In previous cohorts of May’s Accelerator, clients reached completely new heights and milestones in their businesses - think revenue growth, team expansion, strategic pivots and elevated brand identity.

Now is the time to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.
It's time to  unlock the full potential of you and your business.

Wonder what results you can expect?

→Consistent passive income... we can design a new revenue stream, create a sales funnel to match your goals and then deploy across your business so you can wake up to sales notifications. 

→Increase your revenue... we will build a sustainable marketing and sales strategy that matches your desire for more revenue. Get ready to implement  and watch your revenue skyrocket.  

→Be a better leader and hire more people to support you... we will assess your leadership plan, look where it can be optimised and create a hiring strategy specific to your industry.

→Fall back in love with your business and increase your visibility... this path will be the most transformative personally, in-depth questions to riff on and a carefully crafted visibility strategy.

→ Pivot your business... we start by restructuring your business and what you offer to fit your new vision, setting you up for sustainable business growth with offers that light you up. 

We decide together and work towards what you want to achieve.

May's Accelerator is for you if: 

→You take self-responsibility for your actions and are prepared to try new things without knowing what the outcome may be 

→You have a clear goal that you want to achieve... this could be huge revenue growth, launching new services, earning the same money with less stress, taking yourself out of the day to day - endless options

→You enjoy seeing other women achieve big things and want to be part of a supportive, tight-knit mastermind group 

→You thrive in challenging, fast paced environments where your comfort zone is being stretched, you welcome constructive feedback and like a direct approach 

This is not for you if:

✕ You struggle with leading yourself, don't reach out for help, require constant validation & don’t like a no bullshit approach 

✕ You don’t know what you sell, who you help or what your values are... this is DIFFERENT from pivoting or restructuring 

✕ You are unable to tune into your intuition & your fall back is to blame others for your lack of success - hand holding isn't offered  

✕ You like to talk and plan but don't consistently execute or find time to implement. May's Accelerator won't work for you

✕ You crave a ‘blueprint’ for success so you can have a business that looks the same as everyone else's - run, run a mile

This depends on what you want to get out of the program / what you are using it for. The more time you have to implement the better. There is an expectation that you execute on the strategy discussed in our previous call prior to the next one. As a minimum, 6 hours a month for our 3 calls, plus 15-30 mins a week inside Slack. Then, you should carve out implementation time and time to consume any recommended content from the learning portal. 


The calls are where the real magic happens, in order to get the most out of this program you need to attend live. Sessions are recorded and uploaded for you to re-watch if desired. However, don't join May's Accelerator if you can't commit to attending live, it won't be worth it.

What happens if I can't attend the coaching sessions live? 

The program starts on Monday the 8th of January 2024, with our kick off call happening on Wednesday the 10th of January. May's Accelerator ends on the 27th of June. 

When does the program start / end? 

Wednesday at 11am-1pm (UK TIME). If this call time gets full (max 6 people p/call) there will be an additional call on a Wednesday afternoon 2.30pm-4pm (UK TIME). This will be communicated to you prior to the program starting.      

When are the calls?

Frequently Asked Questions...

I (May) will review your application to assess whether this is the right investment for you / if I am the best person to support you. If accepted, you'll receive an email with your contract to sign and a link to make your first payment. Once those steps are completed, your space will be secured and you will be contacted prior to the program kicking off with onboarding instructions. 

I want to join, What happens after I apply? 

This cohort kicks off on the 8th of January, you can join at any point up until then however enrolment will close if we hit capacity so apply ASAP. There is no guarantee May's Accelerator will be ran again. However if it is, enrolment will open in June 2024  for a July 2024 start. We recommend joining the waitlist should you wish to be informed about it. 

Can I join May's Accelerator at a later date?

May's Accelerator is an implementation program, it is there to support you in a coaching and advisory capacity. You learn through taking action and being exposed to other people's journeys in the group. If you haven't experienced this type of learning before, it may sound a little far fetched. However fear not, I am very experienced at facilitating in this way. There is no set learning curriculum, however you do get access to learning materials which cover core concepts of how to sustainably scale a business e.g. business structure, sales psychology & marketing. My expertise spans across multiple business functions, so you are able to work together across all business areas (business design, marketing, leadership, operations, team development etc), this is what makes working with me so valuable and what clients love about working together / why they stay. You are in the driver's seat of what we cover. 

What will I learn / what is the curriculum? 


I came to May in December 2022 after a friend recommended The Honest Business Podcast - I was instantly struck by May’s northern, straight down the line, yet expansive and encouraging nature (a blend you very rarely come across in this online world). I was a last minute signing to May’s Accelerator because I sat on the decision for a while and at no point did I feel pressured or pushed into making that decision. In the past I’ve felt like I was nothing but a target to coaches, but May always made me feel seen, heard and respected.

Over the last 6 months of working together, I’ve re-evaluated my business entirely - I came to May initially with the view to scaling upwards, but over that six months she helped me realise that in fact, I could scale outwards with lower ticket items and passive income, helping as many people as I can. Which I have done! It’s the 12th of the month as I write this and I am not only booked up until 2024, but I’ve also made all the money I need to make for the month to hit my monthly revenue goal. Now I get to enjoy the rewards of the work I’ve put into this business.

May helped me see just how great life gets to be when you create a business on your terms. I truly believe I was drawn to the Accelerator program because of the women in there. I will be friends for life with the whole group, and it was amazing to see how each of us grew and supported one another - whether that be on calls where emotions got the best of us sharing the highs and lows, as well as the Slack group where we would share our wins openly and never feel an ounce of judgement.

 I can’t wait to work with May again in some capacity, and as I write my second book, I’m excited to send May a copy knowing that she supported and encouraged me through so much of the writing process. Thank you May for everything.

- Victoria jaCKSON, The Manifestation Collective

may's accelerator cohort 2

May's Accelerator is an implementation container. It exists to ensure you make your long term vision a reality... whilst enjoying the process.  

The program is a small curated group (max 6 people per call group). 
 May's support is available at the level / frequency you choose.



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