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7.Leadership: 10 episodes 

8.Behind The Scenes Of May James: 10 episodes 

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I am a huge advocate for getting more of the world's poorly distributed wealth into the hands of women around the world.

I’m a multi-award winning business advisor, trusted strategy consultant and keynote speaker who is behind the scenes of many successful SME's helping busy leaders achieve their big goals and tackling their latest business obstacles. I also run a small product based business, so I really see both sides of business life.  

I’m obsessed with improving the structure of business models to give more power and time back to the women who run them. So whether we need to rewrite your sales strategy, tweak your hiring process or overhaul your product suite, I'll be ready to stand side by side with you as you create an even better business. 

I work with the ambitious, never sitting still women who are determined to make their mark on the world and not stop until they live their dream lifestyle, making meaningful impact. When I’m not working, I’m drinking champagne and chilling in my pjs at home... with a candle burning, laughing with my family. 

Hi, I’m May - your business pro. 

CEO of May James 

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