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Year Of Clarity is your low time commitment, high impact solution that installs a proven strategic planning system into your business  & gives you direct answers to your business hurdles every month.

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Accessing support from a leading scaling expert is priceless

Mentorship cuts down time

Slapdash activity is limiting your revenue - it’s time to focus.  

Planning creates consistent progress

Winging it isn’t enough, you need strategy, direction and execution.


you know, I know...

2024 requires purpose + clarity

Have access to your own business coach every month to run your big ideas past and get an answer to your burning biz questions

Feel satisfied, nourished and confident in your role as a successful  business owner - no more being unsure of your next big move

Make consistent progress without it being a random guessing game 

Be confident in your business direction at all times and happy with the speed of growth - no wondering where the year when

Imagine if you could . . .

Luckily, you’re in the right place! 

Advisor to CEOs Globally

Uplevel and grow your thriving business in 2023 with strategic planning and personalised monthly coaching. 

Two payment options to choose from 


Introducing cohort 3 of...

Pick the plan that works best for you. VAT will be automatically removed at checkout if applicable. Please note, this is not a membership, this is a 12 month coaching program - you are not able to cancel at any point… you are required to pay all 12 payments. Please read the terms & conditions at the checkout prior to purchasing. If you have any questions or concerns, please email 

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Mark Tuesday the 16th of Jan in the diary, we will be spending the whole day today, kicking off at 11am GMT.

This will get you prepared for 12 magical months ahead.

Last year attendees said that this was worth the investment of the whole program alone! 

2024 Virtual Planning Day 

These take place every month for 2 hours on a Monday evening at 5pm GMT - it’s your monthly MOT.

You will reflect, plan, reset & get your burning business questions answered. Showing up live is highly recommended, replays are available in an easy to access app or on desktop.

Monthly Get Your Shit Together Sessions 

This is going to be on your desktop day, noon & night as you build your business.

You’ll use it every month before, during & after our monthly calls to keep all your notes + ideas in one place. 

This is the favourite part of the program for some students in 2023!

2024 Business Planning Spreadsheet   

You’ll start with a comprehensive onboarding form for me to get familiar with your business (yes I read them all), then you’ll get quarterly progress check-ins via an online form. 

You even have the opportunity to be paired with an accountability buddy (optional) - you might find your new business best friend. 

Accountability Tools 

What’s included: 

Additional Bonus:

recieve an exclusive may james daily planner & pen in the post as an additional gift.

You will be contacted in December for your postal address. Enrol today!

"Year Of Clarity has been the best thing ever for my progress as a business owner."

It has given me a solid ground to build my foundation on. May is inspiring, brings so much knowledge and she does it in a forum where you feel seen, heard and safe as woman.

- Cecilia Mancini 

"May, you are changing my life in a way I never thought was possible."

And I ain't seen nothing yet! I'm actually welling up as I type this. Thank you. I love how analytical YOC is… it demystifies many preconceptions about organising and growing a business.


May has made the world of business and its related strategies approachable and doable for me as a new mum."

May’s shrewdness, practical knowledge, and forward thinking in the advice she has given me has helped me create an offer and prepare me to sell my 1-to-1 teaching programme. Above all, she embodies the human essence that we need more of in business leadership: empathy and honesty. I thank May for introducing her Year of Clarity programme so I could be part of it.


This a low time commitment coaching program, purposely designed for time-strapped women. You need 2 hours in your diary to attend the monthly Get Your Shit Together Sessions - if you have more time available to implement your planning, then you will get more out of the program. However, as a minimum, attending the session alone will help you to stay focused and move the needle forward each month. 

How much time does Year Of Clarity require? 

The sessions will be recorded and uploaded into your own portal space where you can watch them at your leisure. It is recommended that you show up live, people who attend live do get more out of the program. However, every month there will be a form sent for you to submit your questions for me and I will answer them on the Get Your Shit Together Session, so if you can’t make it live you don’t miss out. Get Your Shit Together Sessions are monthly on a Monday at 5pm GMT (typically the first Monday of the month). 

What happens if I can't attend the sessions live? 

The program starts on Monday the 8th of January 2024, with our kick off networking session (as requested from last years participants) happening on Monday the 8th of January at 5pm GMT plus your 2024 Strategy Planning day  takes place on Tuesday the 16th of January at 11am GMT. 

When does the program start? 

It's for both! I am excited to welcome a mix of businesses: the way strategic planning works means that it is accessible for both types of business owners. Over the years we have had a fab mix of businesses benefit and create fabulous results from Year Of Clarity. 

Is it for product or service based businesses? 

your questions - Answered!

You will receive an email as soon as you sign up to confirm your purchase and get access to the portal which for now just has a link for you to add all of the dates to your calendar. You will receive another email in the first week of January, containing all of your onboarding details. For now, just sit back and relax. Share with your community what you're doing, tag us on Instagram (@may.james_), we'd love to share your account.

What happens after I sign up? 

You can join Year of Clarity until the end of January 2024 however any promotional offers won't apply. Standard pricing is 12 payments of £97 or 1 payment of £997 (all including VAT). The program starts in January, so get inside prior to us kicking off on the 8th of January. I am not working over the festive period and neither is my lovely team, so please respect our boundaries and get your place while you can, if you want to join us.

Can I join Year Of Clarity at a later date? 

If our accessible payment plan is out of reach for you, but you know you are ready to utilise all that Year Of Clarity has to offer; please email with the subject line YEAR OF CLARITY, stating the word ‘KINDNESS’ and I will be in touch. I believe that everyone should have access to high level business support. Please note: I will never ask you to explain or prove why you may not financially be able to access the program, I trust that the right people will ask for help. Your safety is important to me. Please do not get into debt to buy this program.


There is no learning curriculum in terms of modules. Year Of Clarity is an implementation, coaching and accountability container - meaning it is designed for people to learn through doing and experiencing. It is a Strategic Planning System that you install into your business every month. It is not an education program. You will of course learn lots about business by being inside but this will be done from you getting and watching others being coached within the Get Your Shit Together Sessions. 

What will I learn / what is the curriculum? 


"I am still loving Year Of Clarity and the spreadsheet has been awesome for me - it keeps me on track. I am better at congratulating myself on achievements - which I have never ever done before. "


 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth • Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •
 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •

 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •
 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •
 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •
 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •
 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •
 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •
 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •
 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •
 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •
 Strategic planning • Focused reflection • Transformational Coaching • A Different Way To Approach Business Growth •

I’m ready to elevate

Your time is now 

Join the coveted Year Of Clarity program today, so you can stay focused, clued up and ahead of your peers all year long. 

Award winning business advisor and consultant to SME’s around the world, keynote Speaker and the host of the Honest Business Podcast. 

Everyday I help small business owners like you to grow and scale their brands in a sustainable, value driven way. I work with entrepreneurs in a variety of ways from coaching and consulting to writing personalised growth strategy; when it comes to understanding the roadblocks growing small businesses are facing - I see it all. 

I offer Year Of Clarity at the end of the year to give EVERYONE the opportunity to access a high level business expert that can guide them and mentor them to reach their annual business goals. 

I hope you join Year Of Clarity and give yourself the gift of carving out space every month to work not inside of your business but ON it. Year Of Clarity works for all business industries and types (not a phrase I use very often) - it's a proven system / repetitive process that you install into your business and commit to using every month. 
It would be a joy to support you in 2024. 

Hi I’m May… 

Meet your new business coach 

Wondering what Year Of Clarity might help you with? 

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''The fact it is the same format month in, month out has been really helpful. YOC has enabled me to focus on further ahead, before I was very reactive in how I manage my business.''
- Vicky Smith, Clinic Director at Tayloredfit Physio


How does Year Of Clarity Work?

i know you are wondering...


Phase one all happens in January and kick starts your journey. We meet for a total of 3 sessions. First we spend an hour networking (don't panic, not the weird kind) so that you can get familiar with the other business owners you will be seeing every month.  Then on Tuesday the 16th of January we will be spending a whole day together (11am - 5pm GMT) to plan your 2024 business activity.

Prior to that, you will complete an onboarding form, which I will then review and use to guide you through Year Of Clarity - you won’t just be another number in a big group program, I read them all. We’ll then meet a day later for the first Get Your Shit Together Session, where we will start using the YOC system and spreadsheet, and there will be space to ask any questions that have arisen from the intense planning day. 

By the end of January, you’ll also be matched with an accountability buddy (if you opt in - you don’t have to), that will have been chosen specifically by me. You accountability buddy will be another participant in the program.


Then the normal program format will kick in at the beginning of February. 

Each month we’ll come together over Zoom for a ‘Get Your Shit Together Session’, you’ll have your 2024 Business Planning Spreadsheet open and before you’ve joined the session you will have started to complete it for that given month (that’ll make more sense when you are inside the program). 

You will reflect, plan and share your thoughts. The session will then move to a coaching capacity where you’ll not only get your questions answered, but you’ll get to learn from other people’s business quandaries. 


In between the Get Your Shit Together Sessions, you’ll have access to all replays in your own portal space where you can rewatch / refer back to at any time. 

Prior to our call every month, there will be an opportunity for you to leave any questions you have if you won’t be able to make the session live. 

At the end of each business quarter, you’ll receive a check in questionnaire, which will help you to assess where you are at - again I read every single one. The program works from you showing up consistently month on month, year after year.

This all depends on whether or not you are going to commit to making Year Of Clarity a priority. From the incredible participants we had from the previous 2 cohorts, I can tell you that showing up live leads to bigger results, participating in discussion and being open with yourself… results in sustained, long term change. 

It’s up to you how involved you get. 

Do not underestimate what you have access to… even just being coached by me every month on your business for 5 mins is enough to completely change the positioning of your business and increase the frequency of sales, providing you take what I suggest and implement it consistently. To hire me as your 1:1 business advisor for the year is a £30,000 investment - I personally would join the YOC program, just to be able to ask a question each month… but that depends if you see the value in what one piece of sustained action can do.  

There are multiple self accountability formats and opportunities. However, as always, it is up to you to self lead and utilise them - I will not come chasing. It’s on you. You want to create a disruptive, leading business? You have to show up like one.  

If you join Year Of Clarity and don’t engage or don’t really do anything - you won’t see any sustained change or progress. It’s not a magic wand. But if you do take it as the fantastic opportunity that it is and you show up + implement it will change so much for you. 

Wondering if it’s worth it for you?

On the fence… 

Had their best years in business to date, both financially but also happiness + time freedom wise too


Stopped being stuck in the toxic procrastination cycle and took strategic action


Felt more in control of their business development than ever before 


Increased sales and revenue 


Participants last year:

Results you can expect…. 

Finally fully understood what planning and strategy means and how to use it to accelerate their business forward 

Overcome fear of building a business, instead now feel really equipped to do more  

Increased their confidence to show up more and put themselves forward for awards & achieved other PR boosting milestones 

Raised their prices and sold more without feeling icky  

Stopped wasting time, working on things they ‘thought’ that they needed to do - instead filled their diary with exciting projects

Redefined what business means to them and what they truly want







Whatever result you would like to see, is more than likely possible*, it’s about you having the support system + tools around you to be able to keep going for the required period of time. That is why Year Of Clairy exists, to actually make sure you do it! Year Of Clarity is not a traditional ‘learning’ experience, there is no curriculum. It’s about implementation, planning, coaching & accountability. 

You will of course learn about business throughout the program, but in a really natural, relaxed way - hearing other people’s situations, seeing how I create transformation on a call. I’d argue it is a much more sustainable and meaningful way of learning to be a better business woman, as it recognises the human aspect that so many business courses fail to be able to do.   

*Year Of Clairy is a low time investment coaching program - there are no resources or supportive materials given (apart from a spreadsheet). You will be required to take action on your own. Without that results will be limited. However come to each monthly session with something you want to achieve and you will receive feedback on how to make that happen. 

A note on learning and results

In the past we have had a real mix of business owners inside of Year Of Clarity, from those leading teams of 20+ people to individuals who just have an business idea. Some of the greatest success stories we've seen have come from those who are advanced business owners who are making really healthy revenue / profit.

Why? Because it helps focus their energy even more than they can on their own and provides a reset every month regardless of what may happened in the previous month, so issues can not drag on and key strategic decisions can be made.

It's almost even more critical that you join as a rapidly scaling business leader. You need this space to sit down and take stock of what is going on. I hold space for you to do that in a format that is efficient and highly impactful. 

Unsure if you are too advanced to join?

Testimonials of key takeaways