90. New Year, New Opportunities: How to know what to action and what to not get distracted by

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — December 13, 2023

Wondering if it’s time to start something new, maybe launch a new offer, or give your business rebrand as the New Year rolls in? Well today I’m discussing how to navigate this next season.

Wondering how to avoid falling for the allure of ‘shiny object syndrome’ and instead, zero in on what truly propels your business forward? I’ve got the tips you’re looking for. In this episode I discuss the importance of aligning those exciting new ideas with your business values and long-term vision – the real game-changer.

Key points in this episode:

Should You Start Something New in the New Year? (00:01:31)

Determining if You Have Shiny Object Syndrome (00:06:25)

Evaluating New Ideas Based on Long-Term Objectives (00:12:30)

Making Business Decisions Less Complicated (00:21:32)

The Importance of Planning and Consideration (00:24:04)

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