66. 30 Trend Predictions For The Rest Of 2023 And How Accurate Was I In 2022 – Part 1

Filed in Podcast — June 28, 2023

Are you curious about the future of business trends? In this podcast, I share my predictions for the rest of 2023 and into 2024. With 30 trend predictions based on personal opinion, research, and experience, some of the trends focus on topics such as long-form written content, TikTok and B2B online software.
The trends I discuss cover the coaching, education, and consulting industry, as well as the podcast industry. Tune in to learn more about what the future holds for businesses.

Key points in this episode:
Long Form Written Content [00:07:56]
AI Integration in B2B Online Software [00:10:40]
In-Person Experiences and Multi-Layered Offerings [00:18:07]
Courses and Certifications [00:20:12]
Micro Done-for-You Offers [00:23:20]
Resistance to price [00:31:13]

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