67. 30 Trend Predictions For The Rest Of 2023 And How Accurate Was I In 2022 – Part 2

Filed in Podcast — July 5, 2023

Are you ready to learn about the upcoming trends for businesses in the coming years? In this podcast, I continue to share my predictions and insights on various trends that businesses should consider.
From the importance of providing high-value content in podcasting to the shift towards using integration software, I provide valuable advice for businesses to stay ahead of the game.
Tune in to this episode, and don’t forget to listen to part 1 to gain valuable insights and predictions for the future of business.

Key points in this episode:
Q4 Sales [00:02:04]
Client Management Platforms [00:09:23]
Hiring and Retention Issues [00:16:43]
Shift away from unlimited holiday [00:18:44]
LinkedIn for B2B and D2C [00:25:47]
Gender Equality in Business [00:28:29]

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