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102. Is Your Business Sustainable? Will It Work In 15 Years Time?

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — March 20, 2024

Why is sustainability becoming increasingly crucial in today’s business landscape? In this episode I’m exploring this ever-present topic, diving into the significance of environmental sustainability, strategic business planning, and social responsibility.

I review real-world examples and offer my insights to help you embrace sustainability for long-term viability and success. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how fostering a sustainable business model is essential for the future of businesses everywhere.

Key points in this episode:

Defining sustainability (01:05)

Long-term viability (03:17)

Business design and adaptability (05:42)

Technological advancements and regulatory changes (07:42)

Societal shifts and scenario planning (09:37)

Strategic decision-making (15:21)

Environmental sustainability and social responsibility (17:13)

Values and Business Design (20:44)

Adaptability and Crisis Management (22:44)

Long-Term Planning and Revenue Streams (25:56)

Product Offering and Marketing Strategy (27:10)

Brand and Community Nurturing (30:00)

Risk Factors and Team Management (32:06)

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