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101. Finding Your Business Bearings When You Feel Lost & Uncertain

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — March 13, 2024

In the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship, feeling lost is a common challenge many face. Imagine pouring your heart into your business, only to hit a roadblock that leaves you disoriented. Today, I explore how to navigate uncertainty and feeling lost in your journey.

Instead of getting caught up in comparing yourself to others, focus on your big-picture vision. Feeling bored or pressured from outside can throw you off track, but starting fresh can actually be a good thing. I chat about whether you need to make big changes, tweak things a bit, or just shake up your strategies all while keeping your energy levels in check.

Remember, you’re not alone in this wild ride. Let’s figure out how to steer toward clarity, confidence, and success together. So, tune in, and let’s navigate this journey with purpose and passion!

Key points in this episode:

Feeling Lost and Conflicted (00:59)

Normalising Feelings of Uncertainty (02:51)

Avoiding Comparison and Seeking Clarity (03:58)

Why are you feeling lost (06:03)

Buying Time and Vision Boarding (08:47)

Differentiating Change, Shift, and Tweak (12:58)

Avoiding Negative Comparisons (16:49)

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