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The Future Is Female: May James on Focus & Fierce Leadership

Filed in Press Features — March 23, 2023

May features in an International Women’s Day themed webinar hosted by GREENHOUSE.

May was invited to feature on The Future Is Female webinar series, created by GREENHOUSE and hosted by the founder of GREENHOUSE and Ink Blot Creative, Jacqui Patton!

As part of a series of International Women’s Day themed webinars, airing throughout March 2023, May featured in the final episode titled: 

‘The Future is Female: May James on Focus & Fierce Leadership’ 

The series of webinars took a deep dive into various female founders’ lives, asking: 

  • What does it take to succeed?
  • What are their biggest learnings?
  • What does equity mean to them?

The episodes channel a wide range of business founders’ advice, experiences and thoughts, all available to listen to on the GREENHOUSE youtube channel.

The interview with May deep dived into how she got started in business to now running multiple businesses, the importance and power of strategic focus, what fierce leadership means and what founders tend to get wrong when growing their businesses… it’s a jam packed webinar filled with learnings to dig your teeth into.

GREENHOUSE Jersey is a business conference hosted by Ink Blot Creative, on the stunning island of Jersey. It’s a perfect opportunity to level up your marketing and sales skills, learn from guest speakers and network with other business owners all in one day.

You can find out more about GREENHOUSE here

May is delighted to be returning as a guest speaker in October 2023, after being invited back to the event following a phenomenal response to her keynote back in 2021. In October she will be speaking about ‘how to stop the ick and make more sales in 2024’.

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