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Press Feature: The Luxe Lowdown – Get To Know May James

Filed in Press Features — January 17, 2023

The Jan/Feb 23 edition of Luxe magazine features our founder – May James. 

Luxe Magazine is one of the North East’s most celebrated and independent publications. It covers everything from the latest fashion and beauty trends, to the most delicious and delectable recipes, with interviews with influential and intriguing personalities interlaced throughout.

If you flick to the back pages of this month’s edition, you will see a ‘Get to Know’ Q&A article featuring May, a one page spread packed full of information about May, ranging from details about:

  • May’s foundations and roots
  • Her career and professional life
  • May’s interests, dreams and aspirations 
  • Her personal life and ‘last things that she…’

It’s essentially an article giving you an exclusive and refreshing insight into May’s private life behind the scenes of her work at May James Ltd. 

For May, it’s an honour to be featured in such an iconic magazine in the North East, embodying that sense of pride from her roots and supporting all things local. It’s always been a dream to be featured in Luxe.  

The article is a perfectly personal snapshot of the figurehead of May James Ltd, a woman who helps multiple business owners successfully scale their businesses; who delivers empowering and influential keynote speeches and who could be your next business consultant!

Want to get the full scope? Issue 79 of Luxe Magazine is available for purchase here.

If May’s background, aspirations and personality resonates with you, and you’d like to benefit from her high level business acumen as you grow your business, explore working together 1:1.

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