Press Feature: Brand You Magazine – Your Guide To Recession Proofing Your Small Business 

Filed in Press Features — January 6, 2023

May James, our CEO and founder, recently wrote an informative and helpful article for Brand You Magazine titled, ‘Your Guide To Recession Proofing Your Small Business’ which featured in the December/January edition.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Brand You magazine, it is a bi-monthly publication aimed at female entrepreneurs to celebrate and aid success, available in both digital and print format. It’s filled with advice and inspiration from a diverse group of entrepreneurs and business owners.

May’s article takes a deep dive into practical and effective ways that you can support your business during an economic downturn.

May offers advice about how to optimise a variety of business functions including:

  • Strategic planning 
  • Marketing that converts 
  • Branding
  • Reactive offer creation 
  • Pricing for sales success 

To enable you to create a robust business structure to sustain your revenue despite what is going on in the current market. The overall message…small tweaks can make a big difference! 

May stresses the importance of getting more focused and involved with your business now, to provide a solution and transformation to the people that you serve.

If you personally are anxious and stressed about the future of your business, reading this article could be of invaluable use to you and your business. It can provide you with the advice and encouragement that you require to push through potentially challenging and uncertain times.

If May’s practical approach to business success planning resonates with you and you’d like to have May’s support in creating a robust, recession plan for your business to not only future proof but elevate some of the worries you have, apply for a strategy intensive here. 

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