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International Women’s Day 2023: Everything That Went On At May James Ltd

Filed in Press Features — April 5, 2023

International Women’s Day 2023 was a significant day here at May James Ltd.

From running our own campaign, to May attending and speaking at a number of different events, here’s all that you might have missed out on:

This year, we created a digital marketing campaign aimed at championing and celebrating the women in the May James community. We put a call out to our community and selected 14 incredible business owners to get involved from around the world and from a wide variety of industries.  

If you’d like to be included in future digital campaigns, be sure to follow our Instagram stories closely as that is where any future opportunities will be shared! 

The Instagram post below shows a snippet of what the digital campaign included on International Women’s Day:

The campaign included interesting videos, a special podcast episode and an inspiring blog post which sparked really meaningful conversations. 

The campaign covered these 3 main questions:

  • ‘What is your biggest achievement?’
  • What is your number one piece of advice for fellow / aspiring business owners?’
  • ‘Why is IWD a significant day at May James Ltd?’ 

     Over on our instagram…

We uploaded a number of reels and posts brimming with advice from not only May, but a variety of passionate and driven female business owners based on these questions above. 

Our instagram page really was the central hub for the day, directing you to all the different features of our campaign. 

You can still find the posts and reels on our page, along with a plentiful supply of stories in our #IWD2023 story highlight.

 On our blog

We published an article entitled:

International Women’s Day 2023: 15 inspiring entrepreneurs share their top business advice

Which features founders from our community’s advice all in one place – well worth a read! 

 On the Honest Business Podcast…

 We released an exclusive IWD episode entitled:

IWD 2023: The Glass Ceiling of Communication

This special episode is all about being direct as a woman in the business world and the importance of clear communication. This episode is key listening to any working woman at any point of their career, tune in today. 

May attended an event…

 At Sunderland City Hall and spoke on a panel centred around female empowerment through careers and in the workplace. The theme was #EmbraceEquity and celebrated the achievements of women in the local area. 

May shared what business owners need to focus on when scaling their business along with how she manages to run multiple businesses whilst being chronically ill. It was a great event with inspiring women from around the North East of England. 

You can find out more about the event here.

May has also been to events virtually and in-person throughout March aimed at discussing key areas of growth for women globally.

What IWD means at May James Ltd

IWD is an important day at May James Ltd, as it not only highlights the progress the world has made towards equality, but also the many steps that still need to be taken to progress if we stand any chance of living in a world that is equal for women and for all of society. 

May is passionate about getting money into the hands of more women around the world and championing women into leadership roles to fuel world change to reach a further state of equality and female empowerment. 

If you’re interested by the behind the scenes of making and delivering a campaign like ours, then check out episode 54 of the Honest Business podcast: 

Behind the Scenes: Crafting a Successful IWD Digital Campaign

It provides you with the inside scoop on the key components of launching a digital campaign. I share what went wrong, changes I’d make next time and walk you through how to go about creating your own digital campaign for your business.

Want more behind the scenes content? 

Check out episode 3 of Season 2 of BTS at May James on Youtube (a monthly vlog taking you behind the scenes of what founder May’s life is like running multiple businesses) – episode 3 shows you what actually happened in March making the digital campaign happen – raw & straight talking. Watch here.

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