71. Unveiling the Strategy Behind May’s Accelerator’s Seamless Launch

Filed in Strategy — August 2, 2023

Join me in this episode as I reveal the secrets behind May’s Accelerator’s seamless and successful launch! I share my personal approach to launching and express gratitude to our amazing team for their support throughout the campaign. Throughout this episode, I delve into the power of intentional marketing efforts that fuelled our success. From meticulous planning to targeted outreach, you’ll discover the strategies that brought us an amazing group of clients.

If you’re seeking inspiration to conquer your next launch with ease and grace, this podcast is a must-listen. Learn from my real-life experiences, embrace innovation, and unlock your potential to craft your very own tale of success.

Key points in this episode:
[00:01:53] Chronic Illness and Launching
[00:09:29] Finding the right people for the program
[00:18:49] Waitlists
[00:28:09] Marketing platforms
[00:30:42] Sales page & application process
[00:36:59] Launch Team Dynamics
[00:41:38] Future Plans

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