72. Sustainable Launch Strategy For Business Owners Managing A Chronic Illness

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — August 9, 2023

Can you imagine launching a successful business while gracefully managing a chronic illness? In this episode, I discuss my own journey running May James with a chronic illness and share some invaluable tips for a successful business launch despite the challenges.

From meticulous systems and self-care scheduling to strategic collaborations, I highlight the key elements that make it possible.Tune in and gain the transformative knowledge needed to forge ahead with confidence, even in the face of chronic illness.

Key points in this episode:
[00:01:49] Launching without podcast promotion
[00:02:53] Email marketing strategy shortcomings
[00:03:50] Failure to fully execute content strategy
[00:11:15] Launch goals and limitations
[00:18:46] Systems and Workflows
[00:20:38] Leveraging JVs, Collaborations, Affiliates, and Referrals

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