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115. Facing A Revenue Dip? Here’s My Strategies For Management, Stabilisation & Bouncing Back

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — June 19, 2024

Have you faced a dip in revenue and wondered how to stay afloat? Today I am going to be exploring strategies for navigating financial downturns.

In this episode I talk about keeping a positive mindset, managing your cash flow, and reducing costs effectively. Plus I share common causes of revenue dips, like market shifts and personal decisions, and highlight niche opportunities and supplier negotiations as potential solutions.

Addressing the stigma around earning less, this episode is to reassure you that it doesn’t reflect your abilities. Tune in and embrace this period as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Resources Mentioned:

Business Refresh Workbook ⁠

Key points in this episode:

Owning the season of making less money (02:31)

Assessing the reasons for income dip (04:04)

Finding opportunities (07:12)

Evaluating expenses, cutting costs, and negotiating terms (08:22)

Strategies to implement (12:14)

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