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114. What To Do When You Lose Your Revenue Overnight

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — June 12, 2024

Hit a revenue slump? Feeling lost? You’re not alone. This episode dives deep into the reasons behind dips and equips you with the tools to bounce back stronger.

I explore maintaining a positive mindset alongside actionable strategies for financial management and sales. Plus, I discuss self-care and when to seek expert help. You’ll leave this episode feeling empowered with a clear path to overcome this hurdle and emerge even stronger.

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Key points in this episode:

Identifying the Cause (00:00:57)

Self-Sabotage and Emotional Intelligence (00:03:03)

Pivoting or Head-Down Moment (00:06:45)

Cash Flow Assessment (00:07:45)

Generating Quick Cash (00:10:31)

Becoming A Sales Machine (00:17:18)

Client Challenges (00:19:06)

Having Self-Belief (00:20:58)

Strategic Approach (00:22:34)

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