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116. How To Sustainably Capitalise On A Wave Of Momentum When Things Take Off

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — June 26, 2024

How can you capitalise on a wave of momentum in your business? Today, I’m exploring key indicators such as product sales, rapid social media growth, and increased inquiries. This episode gives you practical steps, like building an email list and creating short-term cash injections, to help you ride that wave successfully.

Tune in to get educated and be ready for when that moment comes, so you can make the most of your business momentum!

Key points in this episode:

Identifying signs of business momentum (01:00)

Strategies for short-term actions (03:22)

Long-Term planning (08:16)

Implementing high-ticket offers (10:01)

Strategies for continuing marketing efforts (13:08)

Embracing and managing growth (16:58)

Utilising the momentum (18:46)

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