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117. 5 Mid-Year Questions to Supercharge Your Productivity

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — July 3, 2024

Do you feel like you could be accomplishing more?

This episode is your guide to a thriving second half of the year. We explore the emotions behind your progress and setbacks, helping you envision clear goals for the rest of 2024.

Ready to take action? I share 5 powerful questions to address task avoidance, half-hearted efforts, and people-pleasing tendencies. Learn how to conquer your fears, set healthy boundaries, and boost your productivity in the months ahead.

Key points in this episode:

Reflecting on Achievements (00:02:37)

Identifying Areas of Improvement (00:03:50)

Setting Year-End Goals (00:05:00)

Addressing Procrastination and Avoidance (00:08:22)

Pleasing Others in Business (00:14:52)

Confronting Fears (00:17:00)

Commitment to Work (00:19:08)

What are you prepared to work for? (00:21:06)

Goal alignment (00:23:09)

Building self-discipline and emotional intelligence (00:26:31)

Doubling productivity and commitment (00:29:26)

Strategic time management (00:31:06)

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