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118. How To Overcome The ‘I’ll Wait’ Objection With Potential Clients In Your Sales Process

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — July 10, 2024

Do you often hear objections like “I’ll wait” or “now’s not the right time” from potential clients? In this episode, I dive into strategies to address this common sales challenge.

I explore how understanding your customer’s perspective can transform your sales approach. Learn how to adapt your process to align with customer behaviours, discover techniques like pricing transparency and consistent messaging to make a compelling case for immediate action.

This episode is packed with practical insights for nurturing leads and effectively communicating the value of your offerings, helping you turn objections into opportunities.

Key points in this episode:

Objection Handling in Sales (00:59)

Business Model Design and Sales Process (01:47)

Average Lead Time and Sales Process (03:56)

Value and Urgency in Sales (06:03)

Decision Making and Pursuing Leads (09:48)

Messaging and Problem Awareness (15:19)

Building urgency (20:05)

Sharing examples of regret (21:04)

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