112. Is Your Business Model The Right One?

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — May 29, 2024

Are you aligning your business model with your goals? In this episode I explore how crucial business models are for success and growth.

I also touch on differentiation, consistent revenue generation, and the importance of stakeholder feedback and data-driven decisions. I advised against trend-chasing and highlighted the value of strategic planning and professional guidance when implementing changes.

Join me as we delve into the transformative potential of optimizing your business model for long-term success.

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Key points in this episode:

Indicators that a business model needs an update (00:01:12)

Impact of a well-designed business model (00:02:54)

Understanding what a business model is (00:04:07)

Differentiation of business models (00:05:16)

Aligning personal and business goals with the business model (00:09:45)

Considerations for different business scenarios (00:12:42)

Effect of the business model on profitability (00:18:20)

Is your business model the right one? (00:20:40)

Struggle to generate revenue (00:22:40)

Giving yourself permission to change (00:24:51)

Avoiding trend-based decisions (00:28:00)

Planning business model changes (00:30:05)

Creating a stable and robust business (00:32:43)

Exploring transformation through business model changes (00:35:27)

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