111. How I Manifest Things In My Life And Business

Filed in Mindset, Podcast — May 22, 2024

Manifestation is more than just wishful thinking; it’s about setting clear intentions and taking aligned action. From manifesting my engagement ring to building a thriving business community, I’ve experienced its power firsthand.
In this episode, I explore key elements like specificity, visualisation, and energy work that contribute to successful manifestation. I also discuss some of the experts who have been instrumental in my journey.
Whether you’re looking to find love, achieve business success, or simply manifest a more fulfilling life, this episode is for you. Join me as I share my process of manifestation and the importance of energy work as an entrepreneur.

Key points in this episode:
My journey with manifestation (00:01:43)
Long-term vs. Short-term Manifestation (00:03:19)
Manifestation process (00:04:05)
Vision boards and visualisation (00:08:52)
What I’ve manifested (00:13:24)
The importance of energy work (00:17:56)
Manifestation as nervous system regulation (00:18:45)
My future desires (00:22:16)
Recommendations for learning about manifestation (00:26:56)

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