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100. IWD 2024: What Type Of Leader Do You Want To Be?

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — March 5, 2024

How can embracing diverse leadership styles empower more women to step into leadership roles? Happy International Women’s Day, today I’m exploring the importance of leadership diversity.

This episode underscores the significance of being a role model and integrating coaching skills into leadership styles. Tune in to discover how embracing varied leadership traits can help women craft their distinct leadership identities and contribute to a more inclusive business landscape.

Resources mentioned:

Episode 50. IWD 2023: The Glass Ceiling of Communication ⁠⁠

Key points in this episode:

Encouraging Female Leadership (02:08)

Defining Your Leadership Style (03:01)

Redefining Leadership (04:25)

Becoming a Role Model (05:20)

Exploring Leadership Characteristics (07:19)

Effective Communication in Leadership (10:18)

Exploring Leadership Styles (12:21)

Coaching and Vision in Leadership (19:37)

Embracing strong leadership (22:41)

Stepping up as a leader (28:30)

Continuous leadership development (30:16)

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