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99. 15 Common Business Practices That Need To Go In The Bin

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — February 28, 2024

Have you come across anything in the business world that you wish you could remove? Today I dive into 15 things that I wish that I could remove. From lack of diversity in the boardroom to dishonesty we speak all about why these things should be removed from the business world from my perspective.

Do you relate to any of my 15 things or do you have your own that you wish you could get rid of? If you have any others then please share them with me on Instagram as I am intrigued to hear what yours are.

Key points in this episode:

Ageism in Business (00:00:50)

Inauthentic Marketing (00:01:58)

Lack of Diversity in Boardrooms (00:02:43)

Issues with Men on LinkedIn (00:03:03)

Dishonesty in Messaging and Manipulation (00:03:36)

Shitty Business Awards (00:04:12)

Need for Patience and Slow Growth (00:05:03)

Stop Shaming in Entrepreneurship (00:06:57)

Challenges with VAT in the UK (00:08:03)

Money vs. Expertise and Knowledge (00:09:11)

Obsession with Stuff and Volume of Features (00:11:13)

Quitting Job as a Success Metric (00:12:11)

Dealing with Non-Payers (00:13:24)

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