Tune In:

20 min

5. Pros & Cons To Working With Family

Episode 005

26 min

22. How To Know When To Hire

Episode 022

34 min

1. How Big Should Your Team Really Be?

Episode 001



team & hiring

34 min

4. The Dark Side Of Hitting Business Goals

Episode 004

47 min

14. What To Do When You Are Thinking About Giving Up With Your Business?

Episode 014

52 min

3. Being Misunderstood in Business

Episode 003



team & hiring

34 min

19. Secret Menu Offers

Episode 019

49 Min

20. Hearing It's Too Expensive

Episode 020

36 min

2. The Role Of High Ticket Sales In Your Business

Episode 002



team & hiring

The honest business podcast is a weekly business podcast, hosted by strategic advisor May James. Join us on the podcast for in-depth leadership discussion, no bs business advice and proven growth strategy.

The podcast for ambitious leaders and CEO’s to learn, think, and implement

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Host of the Honest Business Podcast

may james

May James is an multi award winning business advisor, speaker and podcaster that supports female entrepreneurs to build and scale their business sustainably. May also runs a product based business and has experience in management and senior leadership roles for both businesses and charitable organisations. 

Her authentic and honest approach to empowering ambitious women to feel more confident is unrivalled and has built a community of women who are armed with the tools to live a life they desire powerfully. Her outstanding and consistent results are down to her distinctive approach of driving success and transformation. The Honest Business Podcast is a project that May is passionate about, putting high level business education in the hands of the masses regardless of access to resources, episodes are released weekly and are available to watch on Youtube.  

However you like to digest your content, we got you covered!

The Latest Episodes

"Love how clearly and directly May delivers the content in her podcast"

She has a huge amount of knowledge and wisdom that she shares and focuses in on so many super relevant topics. Just listened to the episode about not selling your offer and took so many golden nuggets from it to go back into my business with and think about.

- Littlenic76

"I can’t wait each week for the next episode!!"

I love this podcast. May shares her wisdom, guidance and fantastic tips so we can reach our goals and be successful business owners.

- Serenity A.S. 

"May has a great way of delivering her message in a simple and conversational way that makes it accessible to anyone."

With all of the challenges and long hard days that come with running a business, it’s refreshing to hear someone talking about how personal satisfaction outside of your business is also important. May promotes accountability and encourages you to celebrate wins no matter how small you think they are. She’s a great motivation to stop, evaluate and move on. 

- Kelly Pontes 

"It’s so insightful and inspirational."

Love all of May’s content. Will definitely be re-listening to take notes! 

- Caitlin Cox 

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