82. Is Making 6 Figures In Revenue Enough?

Filed in Podcast — October 19, 2023

Have you really thought if making more than 6 figures is right for you and your business? In this episode I discuss the question of whether it is necessary to earn six figures or more in revenue per year. I look into the VAT threshold in the UK and the implications of reaching it. I also take a dive into long-term vision, valuing time, setting boundaries, and building a strong brand.

Key points in this episode:
[00:01:10] The issue of hitting the VAT threshold
[00:08:30] Why scaling past 100 grand doesn’t work for everyone
[00:11:16] Not Needing Constant Business Growth
[00:21:11] The vision and long-term strategy
[00:27:49] Building a solid brand and brand value

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