81. How to Make Your High-Ticket Offer Irresistible and In Demand

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — October 11, 2023

Do you feel like you struggle with selling your high ticket offer? Each time a spot opens up it feels like you need to use all of your energy to fill it? Well in today’s episode I’m sharing exactly how you can create a high ticket offer that not only sells but your ideal clients are looking for.

I’m sharing the different things you could include in your high ticket offer to make it more irresistible, create demand and improve your customer experience. So if you’re looking to make more sales in your business with high ticket offers tune in to this episode!

Key points in this episode:
[00:01:08] Understanding a High Ticket Offer
[00:02:05] Creating a Desirable High Ticket Offer
[00:22:38] Reasons for Buying High Ticket Offers

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