83. Navigating Pricing Decisions with Confidence and Strategy | Pricing Embodiment Q&A

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — October 25, 2023

Ever wondered how to price your products or services without second-guessing yourself? In this podcast episode, I’m answering your questions about the art of pricing and why it’s crucial to confidently charge what you’re worth. I explore how to make that shift from undercharging to owning your desired price. Trust your instincts, align pricing with costs, understand your brand’s position, and quantify the value you provide to your customers. It’s time to take pricing seriously and recognise your power in determining your worth.

Key points in this episode:
[00:00:00] The disconnect between pricing and belief
[00:08:57] How to price your offer
[00:16:58] Pricing above industry average
[00:21:53] Adding Value to Stay Competitive
[00:23:56] Understanding Your Competitive Advantage

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