58. The Biggest Mistake Successful Business Owners Make

Filed in Mindset, Podcast — May 3, 2023

Are you a successful business owner who feels stuck, disconnected, or complacent? In this episode, I discuss the common mistake of giving away your power, leading to negative impacts on individuals, clients, teams, competitors, and the wider community.

I share how this can affect risk-taking, decision-making, and team accountability, and I provide you with solutions to reclaiming your power and committing to personal growth. Tune in to learn how to avoid giving away your power and lead a fulfilling life.

Key points in this episode:
Giving Away Your Power [00:00:57] 

Struggling with Risk-Taking [00:06:15] 

When to Take Action [00:09:18] 

Apologizing unnecessarily [00:17:34] 

Dealing with potential leads [00:19:06]

Team Accountability [00:24:15] 

Micromanagement [00:26:02] 

Competitors and Wider Community [00:30:26] 

Solutions [00:35:13] 

Management and leadership [00:37:04] 

Reclaiming your power [00:40:54]

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