3. Being Misunderstood in Business

Filed in Mindset, Podcast — October 3, 2022

Feel like you’re being misunderstood in business? Worried for the moment of when this could happen? Today I’m breaking down how I’ve been misunderstood, how you can be misunderstood, and ways you can avoid and adapt.

Trust me, you do not owe anyone anything, especially when it comes to your values and beliefs. People might not get it, you might be misunderstood, but that doesn’t justify having to explain yourself.

In today’s episode I’ll be discussing how:
– Communication is one of the most important tools yet can be completely misunderstood
– Expectations you give yourself and others give you are a big factor in being misunderstood
– Being clear on your ideal client will help with not being misunderstood by the right people aka your future clients

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