North East Business Awards 2023: Rising Star – May James

Filed in Press Features — September 27, 2023

CEO May James is the North East Business Awards’ 2023 Rising Star!

The North East Business Awards held their annual grand final at Hardwick Hall last night, where they celebrated the top businesses that the North East has to offer.

Along with a couple of team members, May attended the awards evening after winning the Durham, Sunderland and South Tyneside heat in July and successfully took home the 2023 Rising Star award for the whole region!

May is delighted to have won this award, as it is a testimony to her notable successes and positive impact that she has created, despite her young age. This win adds to the existing awards collected by May and May James Ltd over the past 12 months. 

May said: ‘’I came home with an award win which is very lovely and something I am honoured to have been given. I sat in a room tonight filled with some of the best businesses in the North East who are doing incredible things and I felt so proud to be a business ‘up North’.

The biggest thing I took from tonight was how far ahead and agile we are as a business to so many of the core issues, many organisations are facing daily.

This excites me.

It’s something I strive hard for and is always on the flywheel of interest.

My passion and love for what we do and how we are helping more women to scale profitable, value driven businesses on their terms is stronger than ever.

My drive to continue to spread our impact and relentless message to change women’s lives further is also as high as ever. We’ll be back at it tomorrow. Thankyou for this award.’’ 

The prestigious North East Business Awards celebrate the leading businesses of all sizes and industries in innovation and entrepreneurship across the region – find out more about the awards here.

You can read the Chronicle’s press coverage of the night and take a look at a selection of the photos from the awards night here.

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