96. Business Results After 20 Months Of Podcasting

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — February 7, 2024

Are you thinking of starting a podcast for your business? Curious what it’s really like to host one? Today I share my experience over the past 20-months of hosting The Honest Business Podcast.

From the positive impacts like streamlined lead times and heightened visibility to strengthened client support, I also address the challenges of running a weekly podcast. Tune in and hear how having a podcast can support your business strategy and goals.

Key points in this episode:

Lead time reduction (00:00:00)

Increased visibility (00:06:02)

Consistent message sharing (00:07:58)

Helping more people (00:09:03)

Client support (00:10:04)

Replacing freebies (00:12:55)

Enhanced brand perception (00:16:01)

Future hopes for the podcast (00:19:02)

Costs and Considerations (00:21:57)

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