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95. 10 Mistakes Competent Business Owners Are Making

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — January 31, 2024

Ever wondered why competent business owners, despite their know-how, sometimes trip on the road to success? Join me in today’s episode as I’m sharing 10 different mistakes and bad habits you might be doing that’s holding you back in business.

From constantly seeking answers from the people around you to not fully committing to the strategy you put in place, I’m exposing the not-so-glamorous side of entrepreneurship. Can you spot these mishaps before they trip you up? Tune in now!

Key points in this episode:

Asking for Content Ideas (00:01:02)

Constantly Seeking Feedback (00:05:05)

Obsessively Seeking New Networks (00:09:07)

Struggling to Commit to Strategy (00:11:08)

Failing to Scale Business Efficiently (00:13:14)

Avoiding Important Projects (00:16:14)

Shiny Object Syndrome (00:18:10)

Recognising and Addressing Habits (00:21:24)

Impact of Complacency on Business (00:27:19)

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