86. How To Turn 5 Year Goals Into 1 Year Achievements

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — November 15, 2023

Have you ever set ambitious five-year goals and wished you could achieve them in just one year? Well in today’s episode I discuss the power of strategic planning, strong leadership, and unwavering persistence in transforming long-term goals into rapid achievements. I reflect on previous success stories of individuals who had accomplished exactly that within their goals. All this was started when joining the May’s Accelerator Program, an opportunity for ambitious people to fast-track their goals. If you’re looking to supercharge your progress, the applications are open for Cohort 4 starting in January 2024: ⁠https://mayjames.com/ma

Key points in this episode:

(00:04:02) The Importance of Intensive Planning

(00:08:19) Expanding Leadership and Holding Space

(00:13:37) Preparing for Challenges

(00:22:08) Client Achievements

(00:33:21) The Importance of Setting Clear Goals

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