105. Sales & Marketing Q&A: Strategies for Sales Page Copy, Engagement, Momentum, and Content

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — April 10, 2024

Wondering how to craft compelling qualifying copy on your sales pages? Well, today I’m answering that and more!

In this episode I’m answering five burning questions about sales and marketing. From writing killer sales page content to effectively emailing leads without bombarding them, I’ve got you covered. Plus, I tackle how to stay motivated and keep the momentum going on social media, even when you’re crazy busy.

Tune in for actionable insights and expert advice to help you navigate the world of sales and marketing whilst juggling everything else in your business.

Key points in this episode:

Question 1: How to write qualifying info correctly on a sales page (3:10)

Question 2: How to email leads and not feel like you’re bombarding them (10:15)

Question 3: As a new business, I have intro offers. How long do I leave it to offer a new one? (16:59)

Question 4: How do you keep motivated and momentum for socials when you’re so busy? (29:22)

Question 5: What do I do if my content is not getting any engagement, likes, etc. (37:38)

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