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Podcast Feature: How Bookkeepers Can Perfect Their Pricing Strategy

Filed in Press Features — March 31, 2021

May featured as a guest speaker on Episode 54 of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast

Garnering a fabulous response, May featured as a guest on The Bookkeepers’ Podcast, in Episode 54: ‘How Bookkeepers can perfect their pricing strategy’, which is available to listen on Spotify here.

Alongside hosts Jo Wood and Zoe Whitman, the trio discussed:

  • Why it’s important to take a strategic approach to pricing
  • Where to advise your clients to start with pricing and creating a pricing strategy
  • How bookkeepers can support low budget clients without compromising their own earnings
  • How bookkeepers can raise their prices

If pricing is a sore spot within your business then this is the episode for you, tune in and take notes! 

You can find out more about The 6 Figure Bookkeeper by visiting their website here.

May was delighted to discuss ideas and share her advice on this topic as she works with bookkeepers closely and knows how flexible and rewarding a business can be when structured, optimised and priced correctly. 

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