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98. Simplify And Grow Your Business With The Power Of VIP Days

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — February 21, 2024

If you’re looking to add another revenue stream into your business, maybe even aiming for a six-figure revenue stream, or perhaps you’re seeking to shake things up in your work routine, or feeling a bit bored with your current setup, or maybe life changes have prompted you to reconsider how you deliver your services – whatever your reason, considering offering a VIP Day could be the direction for you.

Join me as we explore how VIP days can completely transform your service-based business. From delivering concentrated value to mastering pricing and structuring, I’ll be sharing essential tips and strategies that you won’t want to miss.

Ready to revolutionise your business with VIP day strategy? Let’s dive in together – hit play and let’s get started!

Key points in this episode:

What is a VIP Day? (00:02:20)

When to add VIP Days (00:04:14)

Who can benefit from VIP Days (00:05:58)

Creating a VIP Day (00:08:02)

Testing and Feedback (00:21:10)

Challenges and considerations (00:22:02)

Benefits of VIP Fays (00:22:55)

Marketing and selling (00:30:42)

VIP days as a business model (00:32:50)

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