78. Maximising Year-End Opportunities: A Q4 Guide for 2024 Success

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — September 20, 2023

Why is it important to set ourselves up for success in 2024? As business owners, we must pause and reflect on our strategies, identifying areas for improvement and planning for the future. In this episode I’m sharing some quick wins that you can do in Q4 to make sure you have the best year yet!

Ready to find out what you can be doing to elevate your year-end game? Tune in for some exciting insights and practical steps.

Key points in this episode:
[01:10] Understanding what is and isn’t working
[02:08] Identifying your biggest fears and beliefs about your business
[03:06] Mapping out your availability for next year
[10:16] Implementing AI in Your Business
[11:16] Building Relationships for 2024 Goals
[12:14] Planning Team Changes

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