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76. Does Your Business Model Need A Refresh?

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — September 6, 2023

Have you ever wondered how refreshing your business model can benefit your company? In this episode, I encourage you to ask yourself some important questions. What are your motivations for making changes? What specific aspects of your business do you want to transform? By getting clear on these factors, you can lay a solid foundation for your business model refresh.

During the episode, I also discuss various signs that indicate it may be time for a business model refresh. By recognising these indicators, you can proactively adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

However, I stress the importance of careful consideration and planning when refreshing your business model. It’s crucial to thoroughly analyse the potential impact of any changes and ensure they align with your overall business goals and values.

Key points in this episode:

[00:01:10] Does Your Business Model Need a Refresh?

[00:06:25] Signs that Your Business Model Needs a Refresh

[00:08:23] How to Refresh Your Business Model

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