108. How To Successfully Outsource Sales / Build A Sales Team As You Scale

Filed in Podcast, Strategy — May 1, 2024

What are the key considerations when contemplating outsourcing sales? In this episode I help you understand how you can eradicate yourself from being in the sales position within your business.

From understanding your sales process to aligning with external resources, I offer insights into the potential benefits and pitfalls of outsourcing your sales. Tune in to learn about building internal teams, effective lead qualification, and scaling sales functions. Whether you’re considering outsourcing or refining your sales strategy, this episode offers invaluable guidance.

Key points in this episode:

Considerations for Outsourcing Sales (00:02:37)

When Outsourcing Sales Works (00:04:42)

Outsourcing Sales Process (00:05:35)

Internal vs. External Sales Teams (00:07:32)

Internal Sales Team Considerations (00:12:18)

Outsourcing Specific Processes (00:19:46)

Rewarding Salespeople (00:25:14)

Finding Salespeople (00:28:02)

Building a Sales Team (00:30:56)

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