Streamline Your Strategy is space for you to get crystal clear on your next season of business and make your true potential come to life - perfect for already successful business owners. 

You come to this short project with what's already working and your big picture dreams (both personal and professional). I'll help transform it into a strategic roadmap that not only energises you, but puts that excitement into business building. 

Think... sustainable business design, refined offerings, aligned pricing, strategic market positioning, engaging messaging, marketing that coverts dream clients and a clear sales plan to make bridging the transition period a smooth and profitable experience. 

Ready to step into a new phase of success but need to figure out the specifics?

you deserve more...

You're stepping into a new era of life: different priorities, different desires, different constraints - and your business needs to shift too 

You're an expert and people respect your work but you know you aren't fully benefiting from the expertise and experience you have 

You're not building the next giant tech company or unicorn status start up; instead you are looking to support your life, live a great one and do good work 

Streamline Your Strategy is for you if... 

You are ready to work less or work smarter, earn more and enjoy a slower pace of life: book a flight because you can + not take your laptop, go out for lunch midweek, be fully present at important times of the day, treat the people you love, put yourself first.
No more boom / bust or compromising > time for stability+ sustainably 

Here's what we'll spend our time together doing...

  1. Your business model design - making sure this aligns with your long term goals and vision, both business & personal.
  2. Your product suite, services and what you offer - tweaking where needed, so that you are excited to share how people can work with you. 
  3. Your sustainable pricing strategy - ensuring it is profitable, effective and built to last. 
  4. Your market positioning - figuring out that 'shift' or 'pivot' that you know you are ready to make. 
  5. Your core messaging both primary and secondary... plus individual product offering specifics - so you actually speak to the right people. 
  6. Your sales plan for the next 6-12 months - so you know exactly how to hit your revenue goals and in what time frame.
  7. Your best suited marketing channels with a flexible lead generation strategy to make meeting your sales goals simple. 

We cover 7 main areas that ensure your business is designed to give you the freedom you want.  

The result? Calmness, confidence and buckets of clarity. 

Audit, analysis and prep from May around your specific business


Brief Strategy Document with action points to support you as you implement.


Recording of the session for you to refer back to


4 hour consulting call with May where you'll be coached, advised and consulted on bespoke strategy for your business


What's included… 

Find making sales and marketing your business so much easier + know that the time spent creates a consistent, trackable ROI 

Be assured that your pricing is fair and works for both parties, allowing you to expand your team (if desired) and have cash in the bank 

Feel super stable and safe knowing you’ve got a clear business  strategy nailed down with a flexible roadmap for the future 

Double your monthly revenue and start paying yourself more - have more space to action the 'fun' projects that are in your head  

Following your streamlined strategy, you could… 

Be confidence with where you sit within your industry when it comes to providing a quality, in demand service - being a leader for good and having plenty of time off to enjoy your life 

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Can be split into 2 payments.

£3,000 + VAT

Let's make sure you are fairly rewarded for all the time and attention you pour into your work. 


- Alexandra fearon, Email Marketing Consultant 

"Since our session, marketing and sales have felt much easier, which has resulted in a new coaching client, two audits and a renewed 12 month contract at an increased rate."

Before we started working together I felt like the business was about to close a bit of a chapter, but I didn’t have the strategy or direction to start the next. The business had too many offers and the pricing felt unsustainable and didn’t reflect the value we provide our clients.

May’s ability to make you feel safe and confident enough to share what you really want your business to look like, and then giving you exactly what you need to get there really stood out to me.

I felt like the day combined industry-leading strategic advice, practical support and personal coaching.

Working with May James might feel like a big investment, but I’ve actioned more from an in-person day (with increased revenue to boot!) than I’ve ever done with any courses or 6 month memberships that have actually cost the business more. May is the real deal, and a lovely human too. Don’t wait, you won’t regret it.

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7 years ago, I got really ill whilst consulting for small businesses in Uganda. I founded my first business from being bed bound, needing to make money to make ends meet. Fast forward to the present day, I run 2 businesses and consult for businesses around the world, helping CEO’s to design high impact, rich, efficient and profitable businesses. My work enables leaders to employ more people and take more money home for themselves. Think: trusted advisor that directors turn to when shit hits the fan.

I can’t wait to support you in your scaling journey. You're in safe hands here. When I'm not working, you'll find me with a glass of champagne in hand! 

Strategically designing a business that grows sustainably changed my life. 

Hi, I’m May!

You will go away with the recording from our call (if virtual), a brief strategy document of what we have crafted together with your action points clearly listed and your strategy going forward  for you to implement and refer back to. 

It's time to implement


We will meet via zoom (in-person can be arranged, please enquire) for 4 hours to work through our key strategic objective; prior to this I will have spent time reviewing your form and auditing your chosen business area. We will discuss, strategise and create your new action plan together. You’ll leave with a clearer mind, feeling confident and raring to implement. 

Getting down to work 


Fill out the application form, select your preferred date, when accepted; sign your contract, pay your invoice, complete your onboarding form and then let me take over.

Start your experience 


How Streamline Your Strategy works 

let's break it down


PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO SAY: ''this really speaks to me - CAN I BOOK A CONSULTATION CALL?'', ''you are Killing it!'' - you actually AGREE vs brushing it off.

In 6 months >
you have massively shifted your business… your sales plan and strategy doc is your atlas, you are excited for the future. Leads are coming in, your marketing system is working but has room for optimisation.  

In 12 months >
you have spent more time refining things, doing work that lights you up and are now going to book that extra special trip (maybe even business class travel) as a moment to celebrate how much you have achieved over the last year > You have new opportunities flying at you and are ready to grab them. 



Here's what usually happens:

''I really wish I had done this sooner.''

On the fence? watch this 2 minute video

"May found solutions that I've been trying to figure out by myself for 5 years. That's half a decade."
- Ada Alti, Brand Strategist & Digital Artist

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Global Advisor To CEO’s

You're a bit sick of not playing at the level of business you know you are capable of and are meant for. But, you need to package the value you bring to clients in a more effective way with messaging that connects and converts - hello more "HELL YES" clients 

You enjoy the freedom you've built for yourself but know you want more. It's time for a fairer exchange for your time / work 

You want someone to be able to help you untangle your ever-evolving thoughts and give you a clear plan of how to make the vision in your head become your everyday reality

You are shit hot at what you do and are ready for more people to know about it + experience it first hand 

Secure a date to gain clarity if...

This happens most of the time! We can discuss ongoing support options should you wish too but there's never an expectation. Some clients go on to opt for monthly, quarterly or yearly support packages to continue to grow the results they see from working together. 

What happens if I want to do more work together after this? 

You will leave with a plan that when implemented, can massively grow your business; you will be crystal clear on how to move your business forward. You will know what you sell, who to and how. This service isn't a magic wand - implementation of the strategy we build together is key. 

What is a likely outcome from investing in this service? 

Yes, of course. Max 2 other people from your team (if you have one). I would advise you to be strategic when it comes to who you bring - quite often coming on your own can be best. We can agree on how to best brief your team following our work / outputs. 


No, it is unlikely we will do that in detail. This service is to look at your business design, offerings, pricing, sales and marketing activity. If you want to cover your whole business, book a Growth Strategy or Sales Strategy Build (look at partnership options).

Can we cover my whole business in this service? 

Got questions?

Streamline Your Strategy is predominantly a virtual service (I love working globally with clients). However, if you wish to do it in-person please email to enquire and where possible, we can make arrangements for in-person facilitation.

Can we do this in-person or is it virtual only? 

NO! Not at all, this service is exactly for you. Typically, the clients who choose this service are very competent business women who desire to be supported by someone who can challenge their thinking and their big ideas... allowing them to gain clarity on their next season of business. 

I'm a seasoned business owner, is this too basic for me? 

Depth. I expect you to have done similar work prior to this service... the depth and personalisation is what makes this experience so powerful when it comes to moving you towards your next season / iteration of business. That is where my magic really comes into play (as quoted by previous clients).

You will be questioned and challenged to ensure we create a strategy that not only works but is actually going to get you what you want long term. 

I've done this kind of work before, what makes this different? 

Prior to our session we will agree the structure of our time together, often we will spilt the 4 hours into 2 x 2 hour sessions with a 1 hour break in the middle. Some people work best in one continuous flow. You can pick what works best for you. It's very common for clients to be surprised at how quickly the session goes by.

If you have any other comfort requirements / preferences we will be more than happy to accomodate, please just let us know.  

I don't think I can concentrate for 4 hours on zoom...

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One payment of £3,000 + VAT*
OR 2 payments of £1,500 + VAT*

Book your Streamline Your Strategy today...

You are meant to be seen in new spaces, hit your stretch goals and for your message to be felt globally. 

*If applicable

- JessICa Bruno, MArketing consultant

"May transformed my business... TWICE! She changes lives with her work."

When you work with May there is a shift, it's hard to describe but business becomes easier, sales flow and you feel so supported every day. I've only ever worked exclusively with May on my business strategy and come back whenever I am ready to grow my business to the next level. She is part of your team and she's in your business.

In 2022, I got to a point in my business where I couldn't see what growth was anymore, within 2 months my business had completely changed and turned upside down in the best way. Every time I've worked with May I have doubled or tripled my investment within 3 months. 

Unsure on whether this is right for your type of business? 

Check out our Case Studies page to see more clients' experiences from a variety of industries or get in touch and we can have a chat!  

send a voice note on instagram @may.james_ or email 

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